Mental health wards are one of the oldest tropes in the horror genre. While much of what we see in the movies is overblown and dramatized, these 10 mental health workers have some altogether disturbing firsthand accounts.

For the majority of history, the horror of asylums did not come from the patients, but from the tortuous and barbaric practices conducted by doctors and nurses. If you’ve ever watched “American Horror Story: Asylum” or researched the history of lobotomies, you already know exactly what I’m talking about.

That said, some pretty creepy things can still happen when working with individuals who have serious mental health disorders. But don’t take my word for it! These 10 professionals have an inside scoop that’s way spookier than anything made up by Hollywood.

1. “I had a patient who accused a colleague of mine of raping her. She’d follow her around whispering ‘You raped me, you raped me, you raped me!’ over and over again. After a while it became boring, but at first it’s really fucking creepy to have that voice following you around.”

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2. “A mid-20s woman with Bipolar 1 was in a manic phase and hypersexuality was one of the symptoms. She finally removed her underwear, snuck up on one of the psychiatrists (a very formal man in his late 60s), wrapped her underwear around his face and her body around him in a bear hug, and started screaming how he should smell her scent and be ready for her to mount him for the ride of his life. The underwear was soaked in period blood and after three of us managed to pull her off his beard and hair were covered in blood.”

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