YouTube has become a huge platform for reviews, tutorials, funny videos, and even footage of users’ “social experiments.”

While seeing how people react to certain contrived situations can reveal the kindness in others or teach us something important about humanity, they can also bring out the worst in people — especially when they’re done in the poor taste demonstrated by these pranksters.

These 10 people definitely don’t know where to draw the line between innocent and reckless, because they went way too far with their so-called “experiments.”

1. These guys likely traumatized their friend when they pretended to kidnap him.

2. Not only was this little girl shoved by a grown man while pretending to be lost, but she was also nearly kidnapped by a pedophile.

3. These two wanted to make a point about the dangers of meeting people on Craigslist, but they ended up just scaring the crap out of their victims.

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