My favorite part of summer is going swimming every chance I get.

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I’m sure most of you will agree that pools are sources of endless fun and relaxation — that is, until you learn the horrible truth about the nasty secrets they’e hiding. Get ready for some disgusting facts about swimming pools that will make you want to stay out of the water forever.

1. People take any dirt and bodily fluids on them right into the water. It’s like taking a bath with strangers!

2. You can get an extremely itchy rash from the chlorine in pools.

3. One in five people pee in pools.

4. And all that pee makes chlorine less effective, allowing for dangerous bacteria to survive even longer.

5. Peeing in chlorinated pools also creates cyanogen chloride, which is toxic enough to be classified as a chemical warfare agent.

6. Chlorine isn’t what’s making your eyes red and itchy when you swim — pee is.

7. You can get athlete’s foot from pools. Have fun with those red, scaly feet!

8. Over 40 percent of Americans don’t shower before they get in the pool.

9. And when people enter a pool without showering, they can bring in traces of feces with them.

10. Chlorine can’t kill all the bacteria in pools — especially the diarrhea-causing kinds like cryptosporidium.

11. You can get swimmer’s ear from excessive bacteria in pools, which could cause pus to start leaking from your ears.

12. The stronger the pool’s chemical scent, the more bodily fluids — sweat, oils, and pee — it contains.

13. Almost 60 percent of public pools have E. coli in them, which comes from poop.

14. Swim diapers don’t really stop feces from leaking into the water.

(via BuzzFeed)

Okay, I’m officially swearing off public pools altogether. No amount of summer fun is worth all of that horror.

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