Have you ever passed a building and thought, “Oh yeah, something evil is happening in there”? In the right lighting, just about any building can look creepy, but some edifices look like they were truly designed to be timeless monoliths to chaos.

Here are some of the most sinister-looking buildings from around the world that most likely serve as timeshare homes for the League of Evil.

1. Here’s the H.R. department for the Dark Lord Sauron’s army.

8 Spruce Street, New York City, New York

2. Something tells me that if you touch this church, you turn to stone and become part of it.

Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain

3. Those ropes look like they serve nefarious purposes.

Shanghai Tower in China

4. This radio tower is guarded by giant babies!

Žižkov Television Tower in Prague, Czech Republic

5. This is definitely a building that James Bond blew up during the Pierce Brosnan era.

Mushroom House in La Jolla, California

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6. A Druid church, most likely.

Northern Lights Cathedral in Norway

7. This is where our robot overlords will hang out in the future.

The Red Building in Los Angeles, California

8. Wayne Industries? Probably.

Palm Tower in Qatar

9. I like to imagine that this thing can burrow into the ground when it senses the planet’s impending doom.

United Tower in Bahrain

10. This looks like some kind of alien gladiator pit.

Hangzhou Congress Center in China

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11. And this would make a pretty awesome throne room for Megatron.

CenterPoint Energy Plaza in Houston, Texas

12. I would assume that this is where the Illuminati squash courts are.

Fermilab’s Wilson Hall in Batavia, Illinois

13. Here we have a Cylon breeder ship.

Lyon Airport Train Station in France

14. This looks like it was made specifically for Aztec gods to roll our heads down.

The Rio de Janeiro Cathedral in Brazil

15. When a German factory makes love to an old-timey warship, something bizarre happens.

The Research Institute for Experimental Medicine (FEM) in Berlin

16. If contractors in North Korea needed a prison that doubled as a waterslide, this would be it.

Science Center in North Korea

I’m not saying that these places are all necessarily evil. I’m just saying that when the apocalypse does come, I wouldn’t be surprised if these were the only buildings left standing.

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