Bill Cosby was right – kids do say the darndest things. But they also write the most embarrassing, humiliating notes as the parents of these ones below will confirm. Each of these 18 kids, knowingly or unknowingly, completely sold out their parents…or otherwise tried to pull a fast one. This is great.

1. This girl was supposed to write about her mom’s hobbies. Oops.

2. Depending on how much she loves farm animals, this could be a huge compliment.

3. This daughter will sabotage her dad’s image to win the family election.

4. Forging a note from her teacher is not beneath this girl. I have a feeling it didn’t work.

5. Same with this little boy who will go to any lengths to play games at school.

6. This girl used a slang dictionary for her homework.

7. Sounds reasonable. It medically checks out.

8. Dad’s ways revealed via science project.

9. This guy’s daughter saw no reason to sugar coat the truth.

10. This 6 year old has mastered guilt. She’ll be on the front porch if mom wants to discuss ruining her life.

11. This disturbing little girl greets her mom with a note. Mom only cared about the grammar.

12. The most creative way ever to tell your mom she ruins all the fun.

13. Don’t tell this little boy what to do.

14. In case anyone was thinking about trying it…

15. This little boy has no issue playing favorites. Mom is regular.

16. Mother’s Day comes at a price, in this little girl’s mind.

17. And finally, the 7 year old who called out his mom on the awful lunch.

Clearly, this proves that kids are actually far more intelligent than us and simply put on the cute act to get away with their master plan.

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