Public transportation can be really annoying at the best of times, and downright creepy at the worst of times.

Though it gets the job done when you need to go somewhere, it isn’t exactly convenient depending on where you live. The trains in my city never to seem run when I need them, and the passengers can be pretty sketchy. I’ve had friends tell me that they’ve been offered crack cocaine and meth during their rides, but it can get even more unsettling than that.

Whether you’ve ridden subways, trains, or buses, it’s very likely that you’ve seen some strange things. However, you might not have come across anything as bizarre as what the people below saw on their daily commutes.

1. The way she holds it makes this even more weird.

2. He’s just late for his cult meeting.

3. The rat is his pet, but that doesn’t make this any less disturbing.

Guy on the subway puts a rat in his mouth

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4. Everyone knows that sharks prefer taking the subway.

5. I really think you should get that checked out.

6. I hope this was Halloween night.

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7. Somebody clearly enjoys freaking people out with their bag.

8. These are Vietnamese masks that are worn during dance performances, but you have to admit that they’re pretty creepy.

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9. This guy must be actively trying to scare people.

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10. Wearing ribs on your head is all the rage right now.

11. I think it’s time to get off of the bus.

12. Exactly what I’d want to see on my ride.

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13. Please tell me that’s a mannequin head.

14. It would not be a good idea to mess with this girl.

15. Anyone lose the top half of their dentures?

16. You can’t go anywhere without running into creepy clowns nowadays.

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17. Yikes.

Who else is dreading their next ride on a bus or train? Me too.

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