At least a few times a week, I drive by one of the strangest and creepiest houses I’ve ever seen.

It isn’t actually the house itself that’s so unsettling — it’s slightly run down, but otherwise not very out of the ordinary. What catches my eye is the property as a whole, because basically every square inch of the yard is covered in bizarre statues and decorations, including fake skeletons draped over wooden crosses year-round. My guess is that the owner is trying to keep people from trespassing, which I’m sure works perfectly.

Whether these 17 properties below are intended to deter people from exploring them or not is anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for sure — they’re definitely creepy.

1. It wouldn’t be difficult in the slightest to keep me out of there.

2. Vacant properties always seem to come with their fair share of creepy mannequin heads.

3. See what I mean?

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