Picky eaters get a bad rap for being difficult to accommodate while dining out.

We all have that one friend who has to order their meal in a very particular way or can’t get food straight off the menu. For the most part, restaurants are happy to adjust to these small changes to make their customers happy.

Then there are customers who take picky eating to a whole new level. Waiters, waitresses, and cooks revealed on Reddit the craziest orders they’d ever taken, and here are 18 of the best.

1. “A lady calls and orders a ‘small pepperoni pizza with no pepperoni.'”

“I clarify and ask her ‘So just a small cheese?’ To which the woman, clearly annoyed by my lack of understanding, says ‘NO. A small pepperoni with no pepperoni.’ I again clarify and ask ‘You want a pizza with sauce and cheese only?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Ok so a cheese pizza.’ ‘NO I WANT A SMALL PEPPERONI WITH NO PEPPERONI.'” – crigsdigs

2. “Had a lady order our filet mignon, when it was brought out to her she said with disgust that she had ordered the filet, not a steak. She proceeded to argue that a filet mignon was a type of baked potato rather than a steak.” – Poopy_shoe

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