As we all know, Instagram is a popular photo-sharing website. But while many tend to think of pictures involving food and travel destinations when it comes to the social media platform, you can definitely come across much creepier images there if you happen to be searching for them.

Here are some of the most unsettling posts that have ever graced the dark depths of Instagram.

1. Some use Instagram to display their freaky sculpture-making talents.

2. While others enjoy sharing their photographs of blood-filled scenes.

3. That’s exactly who you don’t want to see driving behind you.

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4. Of course you’ll find plenty of makeup tutorials, but that doesn’t mean they won’t unnerve you.

5. These decorations are the perfect way to hide an actual dead body.

6. When you’re about to take a selfie and a clown pops up behind you.

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7. Who knew a pumpkin could make you feel so uncomfortable?

8. Okay, that paper mask is way scarier than most of the clown costumes I’ve seen.

9. Sometimes you just come across really creepy stuff that warrants a post.

10. I feel like I’m having a stroke watching this.

11. Mood: terrified.

12. The people who go to Burning Man can be more than a little strange.

13. You can also find some pretty disturbing short films on there.

14. And very morbid watercolor paintings, too.

15. One person came across the most off-putting bench in their travels.

16. I think you’ve got something on your face…

17. This art exhibition has the uncanny valley written all over it.

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18. Somebody made this mask out of human hair.

19. The only meaning I’m getting from this piece is that I should be very afraid.

I’ve never been a huge user of the photo-sharing app, but as a horror lover, I just might reconsider that. There’s way more creepiness on there than I ever gave it credit for.

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