I’m pretty sure that pets feel the same way about a trip to the vet as we do about a visit to the dentist.

It’s basically the worst thing ever while it’s happening, but afterwards they get treats and we get a fun little goodie bag filled with toothpaste and floss.

On second thought, they totally get the better end of the deal!

But I digress…while not every cat and dog despises the vet, these furry felines are certainly not looking forward to being poked and prodded, regardless of how many tuna treats you plan on feeding them later.

1. The sink is a strong go-to when it comes to stealthy hiding spots.

2. “You can’t see me, right?”

3. “I am one with the sink.”

4. “They’ll never think to look here.”

5. “I’m not here. I’m not here. I’m not here.”

6. “She’ll be distracted by the dog photos.”

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7. If only this sink were white…

8. “Just do the checkup in here, please.”

9. “I’ve really gotta lose some weight.”

10. “You think taking apart my crate is going to stop me from hiding? Silly human.”

11. Getting out of here could prove problematic, but we give this guy an “A” for originality!

12. “Now push me in!”

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13. “I cannot see you, therefore you cannot see me.”

14. “A smelly cat is a safe cat.”

15. He hasn’t figured out that it’s his human’s fault he’s at the vet.

16. “Be a doll and open this window?”

17. “Just keep walking…you didn’t see me.”

18. “We’ll come out if you promise no thermometers!”

19. So close…kind of.

20. I’m worried for the unsuspecting vet’s sake.

Why can’t all cats be as excited as this little guy?

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