Vine, a Twitter-acquired video app that gave rise to countless social media stars, announced earlier this week that it would be discontinued because life is pain and nothing gold can stay.

Predicated on the 100 percent accurate idea that the human attention span is dead, this six-second video format allowed users to rip through tons of content in no time flat, since “no time” is all we’re willing to dedicate to anything at this point.

To pay homage to this soon-to-be-gone app, here are 20 of the best vines ever. There’s nothing like pouring salt in the wound, friends. (Be sure to click videos for sound.)

1. This dog town hall meeting that was probably as productive as most real town hall meetings.

2. This video evidence of mankind’s downfall.

3. That one time Alex Jones had a really impeccable understanding of how nature works.

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4. This video of what looks like a sea lion but is actually me when someone touches my food.

5. That girl who was frickin’ right.

6. This deeply confusing situation.

7. The woman who showed me that happiness isn’t dead.

8. That one time Ralph COULD NOT TAKE THE PRESSURE.

9. This actual footage of my social life.

10. This deleted scene from “Making a Murderer.”

11. The “America’s Next Top Model” contestant we didn’t deserve.

12. This cinematic masterpiece.

13. This visual metaphor for college debt.

14. This god among men.

15. This fox laughing at his uncle’s shitty joke, probably.

16. The world’s best and most appropriate reaction to Enya.

17. This clip of me talking about my diet and overall physical health.

18. This video of me trying to fit in in high school.

19. That one time I wanted to say, “You’ll get ’em next time,” to someone who probably won’t get ’em next time.

20. This fresh hell.

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Hey Vine, sorry about that whole “rapidly approaching death” thing. That must be the worst.

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