Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving unless half of those at the table end up on the couch in a deep, jolly, sometimes painful, food coma. The struggle couldn’t be more real to get up and make it to a bed for the night…especially since in a few hours, you’ll eat even more. Because, Thanksgiving!

But us humans aren’t the only ones who get tummies so round and eyelids so heavy from all those yummy sides. No, our pets know just how we feel…

1. After all, they do lay the guilt trips on thick to get some scraps.

2. When this face pops up under the table…it’s impossible to say no.

3. “Please, sir, can I have some more?”

4. Sometimes the coma is so deep, you wake up in dangerous positions.

5. Or with awkward facial expressions…

6. “Make the pain go away.”

7. “I give up!”

8. If you’re lucky, you make it to bed.

9. She feels like garbage, so this is appropriate.

10. Sometimes, you just have to let it all hang out.

11. “There’s no shame in my Thanksgiving game.”

12. “I made it upright again! Do I get a treat for that?”

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13. “We’ll make it through this together!” “Get your own bed.”

14. A coma cuddle buddy always makes the trying time easier.

15. It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s just a ginormous rabbit in a food coma!

16. Puppy’s first Thanksgiving:

17. And don’t be mistaken, they don’t get smarter with age. Food comas hit everyone hard.

18. He saved some stuffing for later…this is him trying to get the last bits off his chin.


A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on Nov 27, 2015 at 7:48am PST

20. After a certain period of time, the resemblance is uncanny.

21. “I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t this full…”

It’s okay, guys, I feel you.

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