Fall is here, which means apple cider is everywhere.

The sweet drink is delicious, and there are tons of recipes to make your own…but on the off chance you get sick of drinking cider straight-up, there are also a million recipes to make your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and drinks more autumn-friendly.

Here’s how to infuse just about everything with a touch of this fall drink flavor.

1. The perfect fall dinner: apple cider BBQ is both savory and sweet.

2. It doesn’t get more fall than apple cider doughnuts.

3. Make this hit-or-miss veggie just a little bit sweeter.

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4. Even the health conscious can incorporate more apple cider in their diets with this dressing.

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5. Mini pound cakes = mini guilt. You can have it all!

6. Margaritas are typically a summer drink, but this cider recipe can bring it into the colder months, too.

7. Is this the best breakfast that ever existed? Signs point to yes.

8. A new twist on an old soda shop favorite.

9. Take this snack on your road trip to see the changing leaves.

10. Who knew there were so many irresistible apple cider dinners?

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11. Pork chops and apple are a natural combination, and this glaze looks like it’s to die for.

12. This soup is made with butternut squash, apple cider, and cheddar. Need I say more?

13. We all scream for cider ice cream!

14. This combo is so crazy it just might be my new favorite meal.

15. You can never have too many sangria recipes on hand.

16. Proof that fall cookies are the best cookies:

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17. Take some simple caramel dip and infuse it with cider to make an even fancier snack.

18. Speaking of caramel…bite-size apple cider caramels? Sign me up.

19. I would eat this all day, every day if I could justify it.

20. Get your slow cooker ready for this appley goodness.

21. And finally, level-up your cider to the hard stuff.

I don’t know about you, but now I’m ready for apple everything.

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