Going to work every day can wear even the most devoted employees down.

But if you’re anything like me, there is one thing that guarantees you’ll look forward to going into the office even on days when you have a big meeting, an intimidating review, or it’s just too cold to get out of bed.

Office. Pets.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you need one…like, yesterday.

1. You can really make an entrance.

2. Office costume contests can be taken to a whole new level.

3. But business casual is just as good.

4. Office pranks are so, so much more fun.

5. When someone is pulling you in two directions, it’s totally okay.

6. The idea of having to juggle too many things at once is suddenly so exciting.

7. If your arm gets tired, someone’s there to nap with it.

8. Customers will never complain when greeted with this:

9. Did we mention morale goes way up? (Productivity: down.)

10. (I mean like…way, way down.)

11. Collaborating on a project is actually fun.

12. When your coworkers say they’re all ears at the meeting, they mean it.

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13. Speaking of meetings, they’re awesome.

14. Even when you’re told not to speak in one, it’s okay!

15. Your boss might look intimidating, but deep down, you know he’s just a big softy.

16. And when he tells you you’re being replaced by someone younger, you can’t blame him.

17. It’s so much more exciting when a new coworker starts.

18. When the HR woman wants to see you, it’s something to look forward to.

19. And even if she chews you out for something you did wrong, it’s cool

20. Ultimately, when you need a pick-me-up, someone’s always there for you.

21. Or if someone else needs you to pick them up (literally), you can do that, too.

Quick! Forward this on to your boss and get the ball rolling on an office pup.

Priority numero uno, people!

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