Making a typo or slip-up is easier than you think, even if your work is seen by thousands of people. When you spend countless hours per week looking at the same kind of words, your brain can be tricked into missing mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are no big deal. Sometimes, they lead to huge PR problems. And other times… those mistakes are downright hilarious. These 21 signs are amazing examples of when sign typos were awesome.

1.) Playgrounds have certainly changed since I was a kid.

2.) Pain bagel? No thanks.

3.) Most people don’t react to drowning with a LOL.

4.) Gynecology never makes me hungry.

5.) Harsh, man.

6.) Pregnancy gives you mobile wi-fi?

7.) Okay, if you say so.

8.) This is what I think about your “no vandalism” rule.

9.) Mmm, firewood.

10.) Why would you lie to me sign? WHY?

11.) But what about smoking AND alcohol?

12.) I knew they used mice.

13.) I can stack chairs where I see fit.

14.) This makes my soul sad.

15.) That event is gross.

16.) Those poor children.

17.) This isn’t the type of senior center I was expecting.

18.) What a strange looking dog.

19.) I’ve been smoking wrong, then.

20.) Oh, computers.

21.) Thanks, sign!

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