Nature can create some pretty scary stuff. You really don’t want to pick a fight with Mother Earth when she’s in a bad mood. That’s something these silly animals learn every time a thunderstorm rolls around. They might not know what made the sky so mad, but they do know they don’t want to make it any worse.

Even the biggest of pets can turn into babies when the stormy weather starts. Thank goodness they have brave humans to help keep them safe from harm.

1. “Oh hey, uh, did you hear that?”

2. “You can’t run the dishes. It’s a matter of life and death.”

3. “Your shower’s gonna have to wait until the Earth shower is over.”

4. “I can’t even look. Tell me when it’s all over, Hedgie.”

5. “Ack, if you found me maybe the thunder will too!”

6. “Yep, I’m totally shielded from any harm.”

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7. “Well, guess I live here now.”

8. Maybe he thinks it’s a weather escape pod.

9. “Sorry, this is my hiding spot. Find your own.”

10. “Oh, don’t mind me…nasty weather we’re having, huh?”

11. Orange peels protect you from all harm. Everyone knows that!

12. Thunder buddies for life.

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13. “You won’t let it get me, right?”

14. “I think we could use a few more cushions.”

15. “But why is the sky so angry?”

16. She won’t let go until the sun shines again.

17. “Nope. Nope. Nope.”

18. “Uh, just making sure this is organized.”

19. “I’m just doing this to protect you…that’s it….”

20. “I’m not scared! I’m practical!”

21. “Thank goodness for this sock or I’d definitely be a goner.”

22. “Is it safe to come out yet?”

Just imagine being in their paws and not knowing what all that loud noise was about. It’s okay, buddies, we’ll always have your back!

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