Two of the cutest things on this planet: dogs and babies. Put them together and you’re in store for maximum cuteness levels coming at you.

Some new parents worry their little ones won’t get along with their older fur babies, but these sweet pups knew it was love at first sight with their tiny human besties. They won’t let anything come between them and their snuggle buddies.

1. “My baby, not your baby.”

2. “You’re a RIOT!”

3. Making sure she only has sweet dreams.

4. Looks like the big game only tuckered one of them out.

5. “I told you we’d both fit!”

6. Nothing’s happening to the little nugget on her watch.

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7. No blanket necessary.

8. “Hey…whatcha thinking about?” “I dunno, baby stuff.”

9. Already hatching adorable plans together.

10. “I don’t mind taking the night shift.”

11. “Don’t let him grow up, please.”

12. Way better than a teddy bear.

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13. “No, come back! Actually…yeah, that diaper’s gotta go.”

14. These bros play hard and crash even harder.

15. “Dude, you’re getting slobber in my ear again.” “Payback.”

16. She’s got him wrapped around her little fingers…and toes.

17. “Let’s play!” “No, we need more nap.”

18. “How do they make humans so tiny?”

19. Raise your hand if you only nap with your best pup buddy by your side.

20. He’s the only one who understands her stories.

21. “Back away from the baby.”

22. “Being so tiny and cute is exhausting.” “I know, man, I know.”

23. The cat tried to claim the dog’s territory.

24. “She said she wants me to taste-test that baby food for her.”

25. “See the resemblance? We’re totally brothers.”

26. “I nap here, too.”

They can’t walk or talk, but these kiddos have already found a best friend for life. Just wait ’til they’re old enough to get into some real trouble!

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