While most parents consider their children to be precious gifts, sometimes the going does get tough.

Being a parent involves sleepless nights, tears, and temper tantrums, not to mention the never-ending piles of dirty laundry and the countless messes that pop up everywhere. And because parenting doesn’t exactly pay the bills, a lot of parents have to hold down a job, too.

But thanks to the internet, stressed-out parents can find ways to make life easier. Check out the 28 parenting tips and tricks below and get ready to say goodbye to your woes.

1. Give your child a “treasure hunt” list to put them to work tracking down your misplaced items.

2. Keep your kid’s lunches cold without buying expensive ice packs by placing a frozen sponge in a sandwich bag and popping it in with their food.

3. Store crayons in an old mint container that can easily be taken with you.

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