May 3 is National Teacher Day, which means that we have an opportunity to tell amazing educators how much we appreciate their hard work.

After all, what job is more meaningful than shaping young minds? Whether they’re leading classes full of kindergarteners or standing at the helm of college lectures, teachers do some of the most important work in the world.

And some are a cut above the rest. In honor of this holiday, let’s take a look the antics of 29 hilarious teachers.

1. No more making out, kids.

2. Honesty is the best policy.

3. Need to go to the bathroom? Heed Liam’s warning.

4. When you ask this teacher for a pen, this is what you get. Well played, sir.

5. These teachers take “Magnum, P.I.” seriously.

6. Here lies Pluto.

7. Why didn’t my history teachers show up to class like this?

8. All you can do is laugh.

9. This person just got schooled by the teacher.

10. Okay, there’s such a thing as being too honest.

11. The truth bombs keep coming.

12. At least this teacher plays along.

13. He told his students that if there were five A’s in his class, he’d dress like Scooby Doo. He’s a man of his word.

14. Wait…aren’t college students the ones who usually show up in pajamas?

15. That works, too.

16. Tell ’em, teach!

17. In the teacher’s lounge, they make memes. I’d always wanted to know what happens in there.

18. When this science teacher conducts experiments, he wears a sweet hat.

19. Everyone loves Queen Bey!

20. I don’t know what to say about this guy.

21. There’s a special place in my heart that’s dedicated to teachers who share this stuff online.

22. They know that showing up is the hardest part.

23. This is the best solution to cheating that I’ve ever seen.

24. He did this for Pi Day. He is a star.

25. I’m kind of mad that none of my science teachers made hovercrafts.

26. So that’s how they plan for open house!

27. This student just loves Satan, okay?

28. Congratulations, dude. You won Halloween.

29. Here we have a history teacher who takes his job very seriously.

(via BuzzFeed)

All of these teachers deserve awards. In fact, most educators deserve awards. If you know a teacher who works hard and loves their job, be sure to thank them for everything they do!

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