Ultrasound pictures are really adorable…except when they’re not.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then boy do I have a treat for you!

When we think about how cute our ultrasound images will be, we rarely (if ever) think that our unborn babies will inspire any uneasy feelings. But when you feast your eyes on these terrifying photos, you may rethink having kids altogether. Get ready to start screaming.

1. Eyes wide open.

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2. This is not a baby. This is nightmare fuel.

3. Is that a fully grown adult in there?!


5. Something tells me this baby isn’t going to play nice…

6. “Congratulations, you’re having a demon.”

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7. Is that a baby or alien spawn?

8. “I want to play a game, Mommy.”

9. PLEASE stop staring at me.

10. Say hello to the newest Crypt Keeper.

11. I think you meant to write SATAN.

12. Evil clown in the making.

13. This is why we can’t have nice things.

14. No, I don’t need my soul sucked out. Thanks, though.

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15. Just keep it closed, please.

16. I do not like that smile one bit.

17. Well, that’s going to be burned into my brain forever.

18. Please keep your tiny demon away from me.

19. Why is he so scared?!

20. On second thought, I don’t want to babysit.

21. I’m pretty sure she’s not supposed to have teeth yet.

22. This face belongs on a creepy doll, not a person!

23. That thing’s going to be eating more than formula…

24. Please don’t hurt me.

25. This is just plain sinister.

26. Nothing good will happen with him around.

27. Oh great…it’s a baby Predator.

28. Don’t smile like that. EVER.

29. I really didn’t need to see that.

30. It’s official. I’m never sleeping again.

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Well, that was really fun and all, but I’d better get going.

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