Would you be able to live without your phone? I use mine for just about everything — banking, navigation, scheduling, you name it. I would be completely lost in the world if I didn’t have my phone…both literally and figuratively.

Because smartphones are so popular, people are always looking to challenge our love for them by perpetuating ridiculous myths. Here are a few rumors and myths about smartphones that definitely aren’t true.

1. Closing apps improves your battery life.

As it turns out, it doesn’t. All of that app-closing actually drains your battery even more in the long run, since your phone has to do much more work to reload all of that information every time you open a closed app.

2. Turning on airplane mode will prolong battery life.

Sure, it’ll save a bit of battery life, but not as much as you’d hope or think. A test was organized to see how much battery life it actually saved, and it concluded that leaving a phone on airplane mode will only keep it alive for 30 minutes longer.

3. You can only use the charger that came with your phone.

While you shouldn’t use really cheap chargers to power your phone for a number of reasons, you can technically use any capable charger to keep your phone going.

4. A phone camera with a high amount of megapixels will take better pictures.

It’s not the amount of megapixels that contributes to taking high-quality photos, but the size of them. The bigger the megapixels, the better the image.

5. You should let your phone battery run out before charging it.

Because smartphones now use lithium ion batteries, it’s okay to charge your phone whenever you want without worrying about killing your battery in the long run.

6. Put your phone in the freezer to maintain battery life.

Please do not do this. A phone’s optimal operating temperature falls somewhere between 35 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so exposing it to temperatures below or above that will actually hurt your phone’s battery life and cause other major problems.

7. You shouldn’t charge your phone overnight.

Plugging your phone in and letting it charge for eight hours is fine if you’re using a good charger. It won’t hurt your battery life, and it won’t ruin your phone in any way.

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Don’t let these myths fool you! You are a more enlightened person now, and your phone will thank you for it. Go forth and spread the news that these myths are totally false.

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