The world is always changing and technology is constantly making our lives easier. But with this great technology comes great job loss. (Ouch.) Robots and automated operations are taking over many positions. Although it may seem convenient, if you have one of these jobs you might want to start updating your resume.

Here are some of the jobs that are most at risk:

1.) Typist

With the rise of electronics and technology, there is no need for a typist when you can easily voice record dictations.

2.) Social Media Expert

In 20 years most people will have grown up with technology and the internet, we will all have these skills so an expert will not be necessary since we all will be experts.

3.) Toll Booth Workers

The rise of EZPass and the like could spell the end for some of the most depressing jobs known to man. It is a good thing, but also a bad thing since those people will soon be out of work.

4.) Soldiers

Why risk human lives? We can order drone strikes from miles and miles away in remote locations. Robotic soldiers are the new breed of super soldiers. Sorry, Captain America.

5.) Librarians

Print media is going the way of the dinosaur, so most likely all jobs associated with that will go as well, including librarians.

6.) Assembly Line Workers

Advanced robotics have already started to phase out the less efficient assembly line workers. If a robot can produce goods faster, I can’t see a good reason to have humans around at all.

7.) Cashiers

This has already started as well. Apparently, we are all now work at grocery stores. Self checkout is becoming all the rage and it’ll phase out cashiers.

8.) Waiters

As with self checkout, soon you’ll be able to self order. You won’t need to tip your waiter since it’s just a robot anyway, what do they need money for?

Hopefully, if you have one of these jobs, you won’t have to worry about the eventual robot takeover. There are many places that know the value of the human element and may not replace their employees right away. 

But, it never hurts to learn an extra skill or two. Share this with others by clicking on the button below.

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