In the age of the internet, it’s always possible that when you’re in public someone is pulling off a prank.

Much like the old show “Candid Camera,” people sometimes leave something strange laying around and set up a camera to see what people will do. There’s even a show called “What Would You Do?” where a newscaster creates moral dilemmas to see how the public will react.

When Daniel Braxton’s partner and daughter said they thought they saw a lifeless baby left at a bus stop, he thought it had to be a doll or a trick. What he found instead saved a life.

Even though he thought it might be a prank, Braxton turned the car around immediately to check out the scene at the bus stop.

“We pulled up at the bus stop, but I didn’t want us all to get out because I didn’t my daughter to see it. I rang the police and the ambulance and told them there was something in the bus stop,” he said. “To be honest, we didn’t know whether or not it was a sick prank. As I pulled up closer I could see the umbilical cord coming off the baby.”

In the video below, Braxton’s daughter describes what it was like to see something so horrific.

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