Around the world, people still do horrible things to animals all in the name of “medicine.”

Whether it’s killing rhinos for their horns or using rattlesnakes and their venom, the practices are disturbing, especially when you consider the lack of scientific evidence to support the old-world beliefs. But perhaps one of the meanest and cruelest practices is illegally keeping bears in cages to harvest their bile.

Stuck inside cages smaller than your closet for years at a time, the beautiful beasts suffer countless health issues, some that will one day even kill them. That’s why rescue workers search out these bear bile farms year-round in an effort to save the animals’ lives and move them somewhere safe.

This is the reality of far too many bears around the world.

Animals Asia, in particular, is extremely focused on ending the horrid and inhumane practice. And when they had the chance to rescue one bear named Tuffy recently, they jumped at the opportunity to bring him to a sanctuary after years of torture.

This was his reaction on his first day outside…

Let’s just hope more bears like him get the chance to celebrate, too!

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