On October 12, a contractor working at the Sheraton Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina, made a chilling discovery.

The contractor, who wishes to remain anonymous, was preparing a king suite on the seventh floor for renovations. He was busily removing old furniture and decorations from the room, when something stopped him dead in his tracks.

While taking a picture off the wall, he noticed that there was a handwritten note scrawled across the back. It seems to be a murder confession.

It reads:

To whom it may concern:

Between the years of 2008 and 2010, I would check into this room by special request.

And after six or seven weeks of phoning, I would select a victim from a local college or from the apartments adjacent to the windows in this room.

After gagging said victim, so as not to disturb the other guests, I would begin the “procedure” with a hint of sodomy.

My crimes were far from victimless, however I always committed with them with the attitude of helping the victim go free from this world and helping the community at large.

I’ve never been one to leave witnesses but I felt I should leave this account of my life’s work so that someone will understand.

Are you the one who will save me?

Perhaps most unsettling is the note’s level of detail. And that part about freeing his victims from the world? Psycho!

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Later, the contractor was interviewed by the media and the note was handed over to police, who are keeping it as potential evidence.

What do you think? Is this an elaborate hoax or is there a “Sheraton Serial Killer” on the loose? Let us know in the comments!

Personally, I won’t be staying at that hotel anytime soon!

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