With over 3.5 million Americans living with autism, it’s amazing how little those of us on the outside know about the condition. How does it affect the lives of the people who deal with it every day? What medical complications are associated with autism? We should all know better.

Because we invest so little time in learning to understand our friends, family members, and neighbors with autism, it’s no wonder that this little girl feels like the world doesn’t want her in it. She wrote a letter to her mom to vent her frustrations, and what she had to say will shatter your heart.

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What ‘messages’ are children hearing – from ourselves, from other parents, at school, from media and in the general…

Posted by I am Cadence on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Please know that when you speak ill of people with autism, they’re listening. It’s not fair that the media demonizes people on the autism spectrum, because they’re thinking, feeling human beings just like everyone else. Help do your part by becoming educated on the basic facts of the condition. We all need to make people like Cadence know that they’re wonderful.

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