Every day for two solid weeks, this man’s son would take a walk. They live in the rural Philippines, and since the father was curious as to what he was doing, one day he decided to tag along. What he found was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

It turns out his son was taking those trips for the past two weeks to feed some stray dogs he met.

The puppies were starving and seemingly infected with mange.

But even though they were afraid of humans, one seemed to be friendly.

He even knew how to shake!

Since the dogs seemed sick, both father and son have been taking precautions to disinfect themselves after interacting with the strays.

Hopefully someone can take care of the mange on these strays.

For now, their names are “the white puppy,” “Brownie” and “Blackie.”

Blackie seems to be there mother.

She isn’t in great shape either, but she stays by their side.

Mange is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. It seems that these puppies have sarcoptic mange, also known as canine scabies. It’s highly contagious, so the family is being very careful to not infect their own animals after feeding the strays. Thankfully, it’s treatable. The kind father and son duo are modern-day heroes. You can visit the little boy’s Web site  (and donate!) here: Happy Animals Club. Source: Reddit Click below to share their wonderful act of kindness with others.

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