In 1969, a man named Bruno in Battaglia, Italy, started selling food and wine beneath a tree. The next day, he sold some more. That small, first experiment is what started his family restaurant, Ai Pioppi. The restaurant ended up being just one of his lifelong passions. The next month, he met a blacksmith that taught him how to weld. Bruno didn’t realize that this chance encounter would change so much.

After he taught himself to weld, everything changed.

It all started with that tiny lunch stand.

Bruno built all kinds of rides for his customers.

There are swings, multi-story slides, seesaws, gyroscopes, tilt-a-whirls and kinetic roller coasters.

He spent 40 years building these rides.

And no one taught him how to do it.

They’re hidden in an Italian forest.

It started off as an attraction so that people would eat at his restaurant.

But now they come for so much more!

Watch the beautifully made documentary below if you’d like to learn more about Bruno, Ai Pioppi and his amazing kinetic carnival. All of the rides that he built don’t require a lot of energy or machinery. They’re simple, but incredibly fun and impressive. (H/T Colossal) The carnival rides started out as a way to advertise the family restaurant, but now, they are an attraction all of their own. The next time you’re traveling through Italy, think beyond the Tower of Piza or the Colosseum. Go to Battaglia and find this awesome carnival! Share Bruno’s genius with others by clicking below.

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