Not many people understand how incredible the bond with a horse can be. One girl wanted to show everyone the friendship she had with her mare, Sassy, after she tragically passed away. She and Sassy were inseparable from Day 1, happily sharing every moment. You’ll be moved by the love these two creatures shared for each other. Here’s the story in her words:

This is Sassy.

She was gentle with people of all ages.

We were best friends from the very start.

We spent lots of time together.

We went to a couple schooling shows together,

and rode in the Homecoming game at the high school,

and we spent a lot of time playing.

She would jump anything.

She even dressed up on Halloween with me.

She was there for me in all aspects of life,

and kindly posed for zillions of pictures.

But she often had tummy aches, and felt very sick.

In June 2011, despite multiple visits from veterinarians, she wasn’t any better.

We spent all night at each others’ side, and said good-bye after 4 days of colic.

This is how I will always remember her:

You are in my heart forever, Sassy.

Someone pass the tissues. Source

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