Most people will tell you that their teenage years were defined by recklessness and an endless quest for control in the face of confusing changes.

Sadly, that urge to regain control often causes young people to lash out, paying no mind to who they might end up hurting. Take, for example, what a few teens did to this poor woman.

Redditor DCWS6‘s grandmother was in the hospital, which meant that her house was left unattended. While she was gone, a few neighborhood kids decided to go nuts inside her home in a real-life version of “The Purge.” What they did to this poor lady’s house is pure evil.

What a nice image to come home to after being in the hospital for a week!

She’s certainly not going to have trouble finding the plunger.

Like, did they high-five after they did this?

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People are so cruel.

What could she possibly have done to deserve this? Oh, that’s right. Nothing. Teenagers are the worst.

I hope they lose sleep over this one day.

According to the comments, no arrests were made. Sadly, these kids might never learn their lesson. All we can do is hope that when they reach adulthood, they’ll look back at what they did to this woman’s home with remorse.

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