Photographer Peter Augustus has either done some great work raising awareness… or just made us sick to our stomachs. How? In his recent photo series, Peter has taken some of the most popular American dishes and shown us just where that “mystery meat” truly comes from.

To say that’s it’s a little troubling is the understatement of the year. After all, we previously just liked to pretend all white meat chicken nuggets just… existed. But now we can’t un-see what we’ve seen…

According to Peter, the pictures are intended to raise awareness, starting with this BLT sandwich. In fact the all white background was chosen to represent American diners and comfort viewers.

Peter originally came up with the idea for educating people about where their meat truly came from after living in Hong Kong. There, he’d see the true source of his lunch everyday in the restaurant windows, and wanted to educate people back in the Western world. Maybe that’s also where he thought of this “Hot Dog” picture.

“[It] lead me to challenge myself to view these shops as a normal place where actual food was being sourced every day.” Well, after seeing these chicken nuggets, we’re all a bit challenged. Or at least our stomachs are…

We’ll never look at meat, especially hamburgers like this, the same way again.

(H/T: Mashable)

If you would like to check out more of Peter’s work (and have a strong stomach), head over to his gallery to see more interesting photo series. Be sure to also share this with your friends using the buttons below. Maybe you can all go vegetarian together…

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