When Erik Blanco received an “engagement game” in the mail from his then-fiancée Bee, he didn’t know what was about to happen.

Erik was in Alabama at a training, he was confused why I would send him a game when he was so busy,” Bee told Daily Mail Online. He was 2,000 miles away from their home in New Mexico and would be for the next five weeks.

After feeling sick for a few days, Bee took a pregnancy test and was thrilled when it was positive. She immediately began plotting the perfect way to tell Erik. The couple have always had a love of surprising each other, so she decided to drop a bombshell on him by way of a special Scrabble game.

Watch as a teary-eyed Erik figures out the final clue.

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Erik and Bee’s daughter, Nyah Edith, was born happy and healthy on October 4.

All I can say is that their daughter is in for some awesome surprises growing up. Best wishes to the adorable family!

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