For most people, the sight of a hornet is enough to give them chills.

They’re creepy, they’re mean, and their stingers pack a seriously painful punch — and those are just the normal ones! Asia was kind enough to bless the world with its own version of the hornet, and it is gigantic.

It’s also aptly named. Universe, meet the Asian giant hornet. Dealing with bumble bees and wasps is about to feel like child’s play.

…And this unlucky soul just found one in their closet.

As if measuring a whopping two inches long wasn’t bad enough, their stingers are huge, too.

They measure about six millimeters longer than the stingers of the hornets we’re used to.

Known colloquially in Japan as osuzumebachi(which translates roughly to “sparrow bee,” because why not?), these buggers are the largest species of hornet on Earth.

Because they’re horrifying creatures, they like to snack on mantises and fellow hornets. Thanks, Japan!

This is the time of year when they like to come out of hibernation, so if you’re in Japan or you’re planning on visiting anytime soon, sleep with one eye open.

Or else THIS might start crawling up your arm.

(via Rocket News 24)

Looks like I’m chillin’ Stateside all summer. Japan, you seem great and all, but I’ll pass. I don’t need any welts popping up while I’m on vacation.

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