A photographer by the name of Giles Clarke discovered the truth about a foreign prison system that’ll make your stomach turn. The prisons in El Salvador treat their gang member inmates like animals, trapping them in cages en masse. To the prison guards, these men are no better than dogs. His series of photographs are called “Caged In El Salvador,” and they expose the horrifying and inhumane conditions these prisoners are faced with.

Giles uncovered these cages full of prisoners when he was exploring an isolated suburb.

He connected with a police captain who gave him the information. “On my last day with the captain, I was chatting with him in the police station when he mentioned the severe overcrowding in the Salvadoran prison system. When I pressed him for more information, he offered to show me what he called the ‘gang cages’ and escorted me to the back of the station flanked by four armed guards.”

The inhuman conditions were disgusting, it didn’t matter what kind of criminals were being housed here.

Gang members, petty thieves or even boys under bad influences were treated like dirt.

It was sick.

Many of the prisoners were just boys, teens at the oldest.

Yet they were seen as animals.

It’s horrifying to realize that there are places on this earth where human beings are literally treated like garbage.

Source: fullym.com

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