Imagine a worm residing on the bottom of the ocean. It grows to over 10 feet in length, and is nearly invisible when it wants to be. And it eats HUGE fish in the blink of an eye. 

Now here’s the scary part… IT’S REAL.

Meet, the Bobbit Worm. It will be haunting your dreams for about a week.

Using five antennae, the bobbit worm senses passing prey, snapping down on them with supremely muscled mouth parts, called a pharynx.

It does this with such blinding speed that it often splits a fish in two!.

Don’t believe us? Just watch this…

Perhaps even scarier than being split in two though, is if you survive the initial snatch and find out what it’s like to be yanked into the worm’s burrow and into untold nightmares.

And no ladies and gentlemen, this is not a Star Wars reenactment…it’s real.

…Be very afraid.

(via Izismile)

Freaked out yet? All I know is I’m still hiding under my bed because scientists just never seem to know where they’ll turn up. In fact, they’re so rare that they don’t even know how to classify them as a species! Here’s hoping there isn’t one hiding in your favorite lake.

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