No matter how old you are, when you see what this little boy gets in his lunch every day you’re going to be jealous. His awesome mother Jennifer Nguyen comes up with creative ways to make the best bento box lunches for her son. Although she isn’t Japanese (and is actually Vietnamese), she found a great way to integrate a fun, cultural activity into their home. She executes it flawlessly every day because she is apparently Wonder Woman.

What does the fox say? YUM.

Cat in the hat… in the bento box.

Despicable Me lunch doesn’t look despicable at all.

It looks like candy… but it’s definitely not!

Mmmm, domo.

A healthy lunch isn’t always a spooky lunch!

Boo! It’s an awesome lunch surprise.

Hotdog octopus? Count me in.

Look, a zoo of deliciousness!

Panda sandwiches are the best sandwiches.

This lunch is a rainbow of happy.

Nothing should make a person so jealous of a 4 year-old. See more of her amazing bento box lunches on her Facebook page!


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