In a valley southwest of Sydney, Australia, police found something so depraved and disgusting, it’ll make you sick. A shack stood in the middle of the countryside, innocent-looking enough. But was found inside will turn your stomach. How humans could do this to their own family shocks me. Prepare yourself.

The disgusting crimes that were committed in the “Colt” family were previously unknown to the nearby town of nearly 2,000 people.

The “Colt” family is actually a pseudonym that is being used to protect the children that were taken away from the legitimately and criminally insane parents.

It was discovered that the crimes committed inside of the shack were some of the worst instances of child abuse and incest that were ever recorded.

Four generations of the “Colt” family moved around Australia so that their crimes against humanity could never be detected.

When they were finally caught, police found 40 starving adults and children, living in two filthy caravans. Dirt caked everything. Food was rotting. There was no running water.

The children were dirty, starving and would not look policemen in the eye. They also were physically deformed as a result of severe inbreeding, also known as “homozygosity.”

The crimes committed against these children are worse than what you’d find in any horror movie.

“What [the police] didn’t realise was the children were the result of intimate relations between brothers and sisters, and uncles and nieces and fathers and daughters. Their family threw back to a set of great-great grandparents who were a brother and sister.

The family compulsion was regenerating itself.

The children were sexually involved with each other and only one, the youngest, a five-year-old girl, had parents who weren’t related.” (Source)

Each child was so severely neglected, they could barely speak. Each child also had health issues as a result of their breeding, upraising and abuse. They were forced to attend sessions with psychologists and the resulting discussions were absolutely harrowing. “The accounts of incestuous underage sex fill pages of court documents.”

Aside from the 5 year-old, each child was a result of multiple generations of direct inbreeding and abuse. The adults responsible for this insanity and various levels of abuse should be locked away for life.



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