Cleverly created and artful optical illusions are a true treasure, and the Infinity Box by Matt Elson is no exception. No matter how many pictures you see of this amazing experience, you won’t be able to truly understand its power until you see it in person. The Infinity Box is an amazing and interactive experience that both bends the minds of participants and lets them regress into children… by introducing a playful and magical world to them. Everyone who sticks their head inside one of these boxes has a mystifying experience. Everyone.

Matt Elson skillfully places mirrors inside of these boxes.

That way, when you put your head inside one…

A brilliant optical illusion is in front of you, bending your perceptions.

“Philosophically the goal of The Infinity Boxes is to playfully explore human perception and social interaction.”

“They are a form of contemporary portraiture that is tuned to social media.”

“Typically two people will walk up, look in from each side, put their heads in the box, be surprised/get happy, then spontaneously take out their phones, photograph each other and publish those pictures via the web.”

Instead of being offended by people photographing his work…

He encourages it!

The Infinity Boxes create a playful sense of self-awareness.

And they also allow strangers to connect with each other in a way they probably didn’t think was possible.

It’s just plain fun!

Walking through a funhouse full of mirrors as a child was like entering another world.

Matt Elson captured that mystery and allows people to explore the new “world.”

The smiles and wonder you see on these faces are amazing.

This is the kind of thing everyone should experience for themselves.

When’s the last time you felt a sense of excitement and surprise like this?

If you want to find out more about Matt Elson’s Infinity Boxes, check out his Facebook page. Or, you can watch the video below:

Source: Matt Elson via Visual News Finding a way to feel like a kid again, or at least be filled with a childlike sense of wonder, is like the holy grail for most adults. This artist found such a wonderful way to give people that experience. Share his awesome creation with others by clicking on the button below.

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