Sure, crowds can be fun, but if you’re not in the middle of a catchy chant, it’s mostly just awful. With all of the people, people, lack of good places to sit, and people there isn’t that much to get excited about that doesn’t include yelling. Crowds are dangerous, too! Look at what that crowd of animals did to Simba’s dad in The Lion King. Have we learned nothing? You might as well play it nice and safe and stay in your room all by yourself forever. Sure, you’ll undoubtedly miss out on most of the things that make life worth living, but at least you won’t have to deal with crowds like these.

1.) Swimming Pool (Sichuan, China)

2.) Catholic Mass (Madrid, Spain)

3.) Hindu Festival (Patna, India)

4.) Caiqiaohui Event (Sichuan, China)

5.) Soccer Match (San Lorenzo, Argentina)

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