Every year, an average of 3.4 million referrals of abuse are made to child protective services.

In fact, according to ChildHelp.org, the United States has one of the worst track records for death by child abuse among industrialized nations. Between four and seven children die at the hands of abuse and neglect each and every day.

A two-month-old named Jaylynn Rodriguez almost became part of that statistic after her own father, Joel Ortiz Rodriguez Jr., did the unthinkable.

The 20-year-old father pushed down on the baby’s body so hard that her bones could be heard popping.

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In all, Jaylynn was admitted to the local children’s hospital with 25 broken bokes, including two broken wrists, 17 broken ribs, and a fractured pelvis.

He recently told reporters that he was “never violent” with the girl, but her medical records indicate otherwise. What he told police directly after the incident also contradicts his current story.

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When she was admitted to the hospital, police questioned Rodriguez, at which point he told them that he was frustrated with Jaylynn because she wouldn’t stop crying. From there, he pressed on her body with his full weight while changing her diaper.

He’s now scrambling to regain custody of the child by baby-proofing his home and stocking up on the essentials.

“With how hard I work,” he said, ” and everything I’m doing to get her back, I’m pretty confident I can get her back.”

For a full report, check out the video below.

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All we can do is hope that justice is on this precious little girl’s side and that she’ll be kept out of her abuser’s hands. SHARE this heartbreaking story if you feel she should never be put at risk again. We send all our love to Jaylynn as she recovers.

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