Thanks to smartphones and the internet, phonebooks have very much become a thing of the past.

Rather than thumbing through dozens of pages to find that one phone number you can’t remember, your phone’s contact list can store hundreds of very important phone numbers for you. What a time to be alive.

You would think that storing the contact info of family and friends in your smart device would eliminate the number of dialing and texting the wrong number. But if you’re anything like this overbearing mom, you know that’s not true. Not even a smartphone could prevent this mom from the ultimate texting blunder. She thought she was texting her daughter, which would’ve been the case if her daughter was also a 35-year-old man from Wisconsin. Let’s just say she’s one stubborn lady.

He stated that she had the wrong number right out of the gate. Did she listen? NOOO.

A sudden change in dietary habits probably would have tipped off most parents that they’re not talking to their child. You know, after being told that they weren’t texting their child.

At this point our accidental number isn’t even willing to hide the fact that he’s about to troll this mother for all she’s worth.

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