There is a theme park that still stands in North Carolina that was supposed to be a place where children’s dreams could come true. Now, that place is nothing but an abandoned park, full of nightmarish remains. When the Land of Oz was open, it was a bustling amusement park for children with a Wizard of Oz theme. It could attract 20,000 visitors a day. But now, the park is closed, and all of the Oz decor that was left behind has decayed into a creepy village that isn’t suitable for any child to see.

The theme park was created by entrepreneur Grover Robbins.

It was opened in 1970.

By now, all of what remains in the park looks like part of a nightmare.

Even the signage, once cheery and bright, seems strange.

The park has been a victim of looters, homeless and vandals.

In its first summer, the Land of Oz had 400,000 visitors.

The park was designed originally to walk tourists through the story, starting with the farmhouse.

Then, when the “storm” began, the guests would be ushered into a storm shelter along with a Dorothy that worked at the park.

Then, they would follow the yellow brick road through the story.

10 years after the park was opened, it was closed down.

When it was still open, actors would play the parts of the characters, welcoming guests.

Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher visited the park on its opening day.

Now the park is still and silent… waiting for you to explore all of its creepy corners.

If any part of the Wizard of Oz (e.g., the flying monkeys) gave you nightmares as a child, you may want to steer clear of this abandoned theme park. I don’t get frightened that easily but this place gives me the creeps. Via Seriously For Real? You have to share this creepy theme park with others. It’s too strange not to.

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