In much of the country, winter temperatures often reach below zero.

At a certain point, the human world shuts down and we wait out the frigid temps until it’s safe to go outside again. But for our animal friends, it isn’t quite that simple. When one Idaho man went outside on New Year’s Day, he found a finch stuck in quite the predicament.

The bird had apparently been drinking out of his water tank, which many birds do at his house, and accidentally got its feet wet. When the finch landed on a nearby fence, it became frozen in place.

Watch as the man carefully holds down the bird’s wings and warms up its feet in this touching rescue.

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I’m so glad he came along in time to help! Hopefully the finch doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Be sure to share this story of a lucky bird who was set free by a Good Samaritan with your loved ones.

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