At 14, my major concerns mostly revolved around whether or not I was grounded from using the Internet that week because I was too lazy to clean my room. On the other end of the spectrum, this amazing teen stepped up to save a woman’s life from her abuser.

James Persyn III was watching his little siblings when a young woman came banging on their door begging for help. She claimed that the man who had kidnapped her was chasing her. Persyn immediately led her and his siblings into the bathroom and instructed his sister to call the police while he called their father and told him to rush home. While they waited, the brave teen grabbed a small hunting knife he was given as a Christmas present. When the man arrived at their door demanding the woman’s return, Persyn courageously held his ground and kept the stressful situation under control until authorities arrived.

Hear the incredible story in his own words:

(via Little Things)

Thank goodness this awesome young man was able to keep the terrifying situation from getting even worse.

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