Josh Robison and his wife Erica were only married for 18 months when their very first son Logan was born. The small family was full of love and bliss, until the totally unexpected happened. Josh, a Brigham Young University student and Mormon seminary teacher, suddenly lost consciousness after holding his infant son for the very first time. It began with a simple headache…

Moments after Josh held little Logan for the first time, he fell unconscious.

His only symptom was a headache.

Over Thanksgiving, he also came down with flu-like symptoms. Doctors thought it was a staph infection.

After he fell ill into the coma after meeting his son, doctors traced the infection to a heart valve.

Once they realized it was in his heart, they acted fast.

But their valiant battle to restore his heart valve and keep Josh alive failed…

Josh suffered bleeding in the brain and was taken off of life support Friday night.

Erica clings to the new life that she and Josh brought into this world, but is also trying to cope with the loss of her beloved in this most unexpected and tragic way. Family and friends are attempting to raise money to support this young widow through this trying time.

Please go to GiveForward: Josh & Erica if you would like to donate.

We truly never know when it’s our last day.

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