In 2013, Bruno Borges from Rio Branco, Brazil, started a mysterious project that he kept completely secret from his family.

When he asked his mother to loan him some money, she said she would do it if he told her what he was working on, but he refused to give her any details other than to say that his project would change humanity for the better. After convincing his cousin to give him over $6,000, he kept his room locked for nearly a month while his parents were away on vacation this year. When they came back, he was gone. He’s been missing since March 27, but that’s only the beginning of his bizarre story.

After getting the police involved, his family opened the room. That’s where they found encrypted language and symbols all over the walls along with 14 handwritten books that couldn’t be deciphered either.

They also found a statue of Giordano Bruno, an Italian Dominican philosopher known for his cosmological theories and insistence that the universe is infinite with no celestial body at its center. It’s worth thousands of dollars and nobody knew it had been delivered there.

Hanging on one wall is a painting of Borges himself with an alien.

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