What puts certain creators a cut above the rest is their ability to reimagine familiar imagery into something engaging and totally original.

It’s that capacity to turn images we see every day into something unrecognizable that sets them apart, and one artist with that ability (and then some) is Switzerland-born photographer Thomas Barbèy. This multitalented man has worked in some of the world’s most beautiful countries as everything from a recording artist to a fashion photographer. Needless to say, his scope is pretty prolific.

Barbèy currently lives in Las Vegas, and he doesn’t leave home without a camera in hand. The name of his artistic game is transforming images that look pretty typical on their own into brilliant compositions.

With the help of an enlarger, Barbèy creates surreal composites out of photographs that, on their own, look pretty ordinary.

“Sowing the Seeds of Love”

“Absolute Faith”

After working commercially for 20 years, he decided to dedicate his career to the creation of fine art.

“Crash Course in Italian”

“Over the Hill”

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Before combining images, he asks himself, “So what?” What about this composition would make it visually compelling? What food for thought would it bring to the table?

“Inner Beauty”


Even if the image is unusual or aesthetically appealing, it won’t make the cut if it doesn’t pass that test.

“O Duomo Mio”

“Swell Time in Town”

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His goal is to create planes on which seemingly dissonant images can coexist and interact in ways that resonate with viewers beyond superficial appeal.


“Very Sharp Left”

“It’s the combination of two or more negatives that gives birth to a completely unusual vision,” he writes, “and the titles serve as the glue and substance of each piece.”

“Tearful Encounter”

“Looking for my Doll”

It’s easy to create art for art’s sake. It’s easy to combine photographs into pretty compositions. More difficult, however, is weaving fragmented images together so tightly that they become integral parts of a cohesive whole.

To learn more about Thomas Barbèy’s work, be sure to check out his website.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/thomas-barbey/

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