Have you seen the man in the gallery below? If so, please contact the authorities in Lakewood, California. He fled the scene after assaulting a young female clerk in a gas station. He brutally punched her in the face… all over 41 cents.

What you’re about to see in the security footage below is shocking.

When this man attempted to buy a $1.41 cigar with only $1.00, the clerk informed him he would need to give her more money. That enraged him and next he did something no one expected.

Without warning, the man violently assaulted the 23 year-old clerk, punching her in the face over a single cigar.

The horrific and sudden punch injured her eye and knocked her glasses off of her face. The customers inside of the Conoco were paralyzed – it all happened so quickly.

If you know the man responsible for this brutal crime that left a poor clerk injured and holding back tears, contact the local authorities in Lakewood, California.

This man needs to be found so he can pay for his violence. Share this story and help us find him.


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