All parents have experienced the moment when their baby just won’t stop crying.

No matter what they do, it just isn’t enough. Sane parents find a way to remedy the situation through a variety of methods, none of which involve strangling a child to death. Apparently, that was too much to ask of Michael J. Lask, a 28-year-old Michigan man who was entrusted with the care of a precious 10-month-old baby girl.

Ciana McCliggott was left in Lask’s care by her mother, Lask’s fiancé. She began crying and wouldn’t stop.

Lask strangled her in this motel room, where he then called 9-1-1. Her death was deemed a homicide and he was arrested immediately.

Lask ultimately pled guilty to the crime of second degree murder. He also alleged he was mentally ill at the time, and the court agreed. He will receive treatment in prison, and his sentence could be as long as 22 years.

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