Chances are, you’ve probably taken at least one history class that discussed World War II.

You’re then likely familiar with the horrifying things that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party had a hand in, such as the murders of more than six million Jews during the Holocaust. However, long before Hitler’s tyranny began, back when he was just a young man living in Vienna, he dedicated his life to art.

That’s right, before he was the face of fascism, Adolf Hitler created hundreds of paintings and sold them in an attempt to make it rich. Who knew someone with such an ugly heart could create such beautiful masterpieces?

In his book “Mein Kampf,” Hitler recounted how in his youth, he had aspirations of becoming a professional artist.

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Unfortunately the future führer never made it into art school. He applied twice to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but was rejected both times after failing the entrance exam.

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A major component in many of Hitler’s paintings and sketches was his precise detail of European architecture.

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